Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kettlebell Workshop

Phoenix Fitness Kettlebell Training Workshop
For Personal Trainers
Learn the correct way to train your clients with kettlebells in 4 hours comprehensive hands on seminar.

Class size is limited to the first 10 to register.

Participants will learn proper form and technique with an emphasis on safety. This workshop will prepare participants for more advanced classes and personal Kettlebell training sessions.

What do I bring?
A towel and any food/water that you may require. A 15lb, 26 lb or 35 lb Kettlebell. If you do not have access to a Kettlebell please inform us when registering.

What can I expect at a 4 hour workshop?
First we will warm up with some joint mobility drills and then teach the basic Kettlebell skills and maneuvers.

What will I learn?
We will be teaching basic Kettlebell skills including the:

• Swing
• Clean
• Clean and Press
• Kettlebell Squat
• Eights
• Halo
• Windmill
• Turkish Get Ups
• Goblet Squat
• Over Head Squat
• Kettlebell Deadlift
• Renegade Row
• Around the World

We will be teaching these skills for introductory purposes and basic understanding of the maneuvers. Proficiency comes with practice.

What should I wear?
Wear loose, comfortable workout attire. Because of the nature of some exercises, short-shorts are not recommended. Most Kettlebell exercises are performed either barefoot or with flat shoes.

Limited Time Only
Introductory rate $100

First 5 individuals with paid registration will receive a complimentary follow-up consultation (up to 4 hours).

Contact Janette at 225-588-1888 to register Today.

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